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Rising Estates  | Bloomfield Hills, MI  | August 2017

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The Rising Estates in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan experienced severe fire damage in their multifamily property. Kinetic Renovations repaired and renovated all damage from the fire, from roofing replacement to full-unit restoration and renovation.  Our emergency response team quickly arrived on the scene to prepare a plan and prevent any potential structural or element-induced damage from affecting the property. Our project management group ensured that every aspect of the project was thoroughly executed and that operations could return to normal in an optimal time-frame.




→Remove and replace 68.00 square asphalt dimensional shingle with IKO equivalent material. 

→Replace all charred, damaged or rotted plywood decking. 

Install ice and water guard, new drip edge metal and 7 roof penetration boots. 


→Replace or repair 19ea charred/burnt 6/12 roof trusses

→Install hurricane straps

→Insulate attic with blown-in R-36 insulation

Fire Wall 

→Replace drywall on attic firewall with 2 layers 5/8” fire rated sheet-rock using 6" screw pattern and seal with fire caulk. 


→Replace furnaces in multiple units.

Exterior Front/Decks 

→Shore up building front 

→Remove all burned framing on levels 2 and 3

→Re-frame decks and utility closets 

→Install new railing and balusters on both decks 

→Replace all burned T-111 siding 

→Replace vinyl sliding glass patio entry doors

→Replace gutters and down-spouts on front of building

→Replace burned facia and soffit on front of building 

→Insulate affected walls with R-13 insulation and vapor barrier

Unit Restoration 

→Install & Replace drywall with fire-rated drywall

→Re-frame bedroom and closet area

→New insulation in affected areas

→Treat all areas with smoke damage

→Replace kitchen cabinets

→Replace vinyl flooring

→Replace carpet

→Replace electrical devices in living rooms and decks

→Replace light fixtures throughout

→Replace all smoke alarms with battery operated alarms

→Prep, prime, and paint unit to return to pre-fire condition

→New appliances included and installed.

Common Hallways  

→Clean, encapsulate, prep, prime and paint all common hallways

→Repair all drywall damage

→Thorough carpet cleaning


→Permits pulled for all segments of this project and a copy of all inspection results provided to management. 


→Attics insulated with blown R-36 John Mansfield insulation. 

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